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There are two local airports within twenty miles of Rincon. Aguadillia has Rafael Hernandez airport (BQN) and is serviced with direct flights from Newark via Continental Airlines or from Kennedy Airport via Jet Blue Airlines. Mayaguez (MAZ) is served by American Eagle / American with three flights a day to and from San Juan. San Juan Airport is served by large intercontinental jets by American Airlines, BWIA, Delta, Continental, Air Canada, British Airways, Iberia, Lufthansa, Northwest, TWA, United, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Rincon is the surfing capital of Puerto Rico. The Amigos Beach House is close to many of the great surfing beaches. It is a lovely 15 minute walk from El Faro, the town's famous lighthouse park. See, and be sure to scroll down to the Picture Gallery.

Rincon has a bustling economy, which you can sense by going downtown for a cup of coffee at 7 am. In addition to an extensive amount of private construction around town, the municipality is completing a beautiful new central plaza, a colorful new beach boardwalk and a new Alcaldia (mayor's office/town hall) adjacent to the plaza.

Despite its small size, Rincon boasts a large number of good restaurants. There is a higher than normal percentage of 'Norteamericanos' (gringos). That and Rincon's prominence as a tourist and surfing destination makes Rincon more colorful and interesting than similar small Puerto Rican towns.

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